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STATUS: 受付中(OPEN)  休止中(CLOSE) 

I will draw a your original characters
or design your original characters!


*For example, I don't draw characters that not get permission for,
such as games and anime that have rights to others.
(*I don't draw characters that are not allowed. The original characters created in the game,
The character designed by another designer is possible.)



As of  October 27, 2021, 11:00  JapanTime(JST)

Your order number is the number assigned when confirming your request.

The reopening schedule is currently undecided. At the earliest, it will be after 2023.

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​UPDATE (Please read if you have requested in the past)

  • November 10, 2021

    • Some items in the list of fees have been deleted or changed.
      Some fees in the fee list have been deleted or changed.
      Some items were added to the "Non-Orders" section.
      Added "Depiction of sexual organs", "Handling of works", and "Request quota".



* $ | USD(United States Dollar)


Cel Shade



​Full Render



​​​Extra Character
Original PSD File

+ $50


Head Only​

Bust Shot​
Knee up
Full body

+ $0

+ $10

+ $20

+ $30


* "PSD File" is a file that can be opened with image editing software such as Photoshop, CLIP STUDIO PAINT, etc.
Production is done with CLIP STUDIO PAINT, so when displaying in Photoshop, there may be some differences.


Flat / Gradation / Simple

+ $0

+ $50


* If there are 2 and less simple things, that price is a possibility of assigning to "Simple" instead of "Scene".
Example: "Sky and Sea only" "Sky and Mountains only" "Room wallpaper only"
* Single color can be “transparent”. Please specify the color when requesting.



No(Your Character)


+ $0
+ $30-50

* The "None" category indicates that there are already character illustrations that you have created or commissioned.
The price is increases with the amount of depiction.

Model Sheets



* When this set is selected, it is not necessary to select items other than "CHARACTER DESIGN".
When ordering, please send it with the initial selection.
Production is "Cel Shade (paint)", "full body (body)", "Flat (background)".
Also, "PSD file" is comes with no additional charge.

CAUTIONS (Please send a request after reading)

  • ​Retake

    • ​​About draft, You can retake only modify the size of the body part.

      • Example: "Please make your chest a little bigger."

    • About character design draft, You can retake only degree of exposing skin.

      • ​Example: "Please exposing a lot of skin more."

    • It can not be retaken after the rough.
      But, I will fix to a big mistake in drawing.(Forgetting part paint, etc.)


  • Genital

    • If you want to depict a new futanari, please tell us if you have a ball or no ball.

    • Currently in Japan, Japanese law causes need some kind of self-censored on genital.
      Genital layers and censored layers are already Merged, You can't delete censored with PSD files.

    • When this problem in Japan is solved, we respond to the exchange of the file free of charge with unmodified one.

    • This is not possible because of the possibility of applying regulations or taking into consideration the outflow of money even when no money is generated after the request is completed.


  • Use of the works

    • Permit

      • Sharing on private / cropping / size change / etc.

    • Not Permit

      • Use in products / Publish after retouching in public / Paid Redistribution / Don't claim the works as your own /  etc.​​​​​​​​


  • Price

    • Discount negotiation is not possible.

    • This product is not refundable.

    • Pricing settings may change in the future, but we will create it based on the price setting at the time the client first contacts the estimate.

  • ​​​​​​Publish works

    • Works produced may be released on my websites, my SNS account, etc. with lower resolution.

    • I ask you when you contact us again, but if you wish to be anonymous, please tell us before release.


  • ​​​​Language

    • I use Japanese. And I can read/write a bit of English.

    • In the case of English,  It would be helpful if you could summarize it as itemization as much as possible.

    • Do not use sentences translated into Japanese by a translation tool. It becomes difficult to understand.


  • Character reference

    • Please prepare reference that allow me to understand the design of the whole body as much as possible. If you pose with your back and buttocks facing, need a back design reference.

      • Example: works made in the past, screenshots in the game, etc.
      • However, it may not be necessary without a costume.
    • ​​It is help to draw if you tell the impression of a simple character.

      • Example:  cheerful and energetic personality /  laughing weirdly always / Etc.

  • ​​Delively period

    • I will not exceed the 12 month period from the order.But there is no clear deadline.
      I will do my best to finish the order as soon as possible,

      but please consider that I can only draw up to maximum of 2 slots per month.

    • I drawing will start on a first-come, first-served basis unless the client's response is too late.
      Please note that there is a possibility that it will take time especially if the order number is behind.

  • Commission Slot

    • Two requests cannot be made in one acceptance period.Only once per person during the reception period.

    • If you have made a request during the previous reception period, the new client will be given priority in the next reception, and the reception number will be assigned to the last number at the end of the reception period.

    • If the 10 slots are full, you can reserve the next acceptance period.

    • If the reservation limit reaches 10 people, the acceptance will be closed.

    • Please contact us anytime if you want to cancel your reservation.

    • We cannot accept applications outside the period of acceptance for the product. Even if it is sent during the pause, it does not respond.
      In some cases, as a client who does not read the notice, it is possible to refuse even if it enters the acceptance period.

【Favorite Draw】

 Women / Futanari(Futa, Hermaphroditism) / Animal girl (Kemomimi)

 References: pixiv / Twitter

 ※Futanari(Futa, Hermaphroditism) is a body that has both male and female genitals with or without testicles.

【Past Commission Works】


 ​1st commission work:pixiv / Twitter

 2nd commission work:pixiv / Twitter

 ​3rd commission work:pixiv / Twitter

【I won't draw】

 Modeled real person / Performed with characters other than avatars /

 Mainly Male (including Otokonoko and Shemale) /  YANA's Original Characters(Arashi Yagatake, etc.) /

 Characters not permitted in fan-art / Not Humanoid / Robot / Too Gorey /

 Too Tragically / Feces and urine / vomiting / bug  etc.



The process is as follows.

* "Preview" means that you submit the finished product overwriting the sample logo with low resolution and low quality to confirm the finish.
* There may be two or more drafts to submit. In that case please choose the draft.
* Payment method is only Paypal. I will send an invoice with Paypal at the time of "Preview".


* When this set is selected, it is not necessary to select items other than "CHARACTER DESIGN".
When ordering, please send it with the initial selection.
Production is "Cel Shade (paint)", "full body (body)", "Flat (background)".
Also, "PSD file" is comes with no additional charge.

Facial expression / Pose / Details of background / 
Impression of character design / Impression Image URL of composition and design etc.

Thank you for your order!

A green message will be displayed when transmission is successful.
If there is no contact for confirmation more than one week, You have failed to send. Or I may be missing confirmation. In this case, please send us a confirmation message by sending it directly to the email address to see if the message has arrived.

If you cheer my working, please consider buying me a coffee to encourage my creative process, Thanks.( ˘ω˘)

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